Premarital Counseling

Thinking About Getting Married?
Congratulations on finding a partner to share your life with. The many demands of planning a wedding can make it difficult for some couples to find the time or money for premarital counseling. But while the desire for a beautiful wedding is understandable, the desire for a happy marriage should be forefront. Couples get married for a variety of reasons and sometimes struggle with the decision to make a lifetime commitment. Premarital counseling can help you take an objective look at your reasons for wishing to form a partnership and help you feel more assured about your decision. Even if you are certain marriage is right for you, premarital counseling can create a toolkit for you to use when you face life's challenges in the years ahead as a couple.

Benefits of Premarital Counseling
Studies consistently show that couples who complete premarital counseling before getting married have a statistically lower divorce rate than their counterparts. Additionally, couples who have had premarital counseling tend to have less conflict, better communication, more satisfying intimate relations, and greater overall marital satisfaction.

Common Topics Covered
Managing marital expectations
Communication skills
How to handle finances
Conflict resolution
Creating and maintaining intimacy over time
Deciding on conjoint parenting practices
Creating healthy boundaries with extended family
Managing stress related to wedding planning as a couple
Balancing different belief systems
Creating lifetime goals as a couple
Understanding each other's personality differences
Learning how family history can influence your relationship